Yoga Wheel Jade Majesty 13"

An Intentional Balance of Engineering and Style.

A Patent-Pending Back Roller


Ground Elevation: 13 in.

Contact Patch Width: 5 in.

Cushion Thickness: 0.4"

Cushion Material: EVA

Wheel Frame: Isotropic ABS

Weight Capacity: 500+lb


Many similar products have a "stripe" of padding glued onto the wheel frame which tends to deteriorate at the seam. Jade Majesty's padding was injection molded into a complete ring which eliminates the seam and gets ride of that issue all-together.


EVA cushion was divided into multiple rings so each ring's material and design could be optimized separately according to different user groups' needs. Other revisions of this product with various colors and material properties are in the works and are going to be released in the future. Jade Majesty bolsters the luxury of a multi-color cushion as well as an ergonomic design all thanks to the tech!


Extruded triangulations were designed to enhance the product within multiple aspects such as reducing wear and tear, improving floor grip especially on carpet, and increasing blood flow. As a cherry on top, the texture could result in acupressure benefits in some cases.

Refresh the Mood, Regain Your Confidence.

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